Differences between short essay and theme


The short essay and the theme are two types of text. The theme is one of the tasks in the classroom that the students must carry out in almost all the schools, elementary, middle and high. Instead the short essay is written above all in high schools during the last year, that of maturity. In fact, a short essay and theme are two of the traces of the state exams for maturity. There are some fundamental differences that distinguish the short essay from the theme. Indeed, they are two different kinds. They must be written differently. They have precise rules to carry them out correctly and to pass the written exam.

The purpose

The short essay and the theme have two different purposes. The short essay is written only to present a thesis based on a project. The initial thesis must always be supported throughout the writing of the short essay. So, you have to write everything that demonstrates the chosen thesis. Instead, the theme must focus on a more or less broad topic, but it must not prove something. In the theme it is necessary to write and discuss various themes, without taking sides in favor of a precise opinion.

The argument

The topics of a short essay and a theme can be the most diverse, from simpler topics to more complex and important topics. In the short essay, the subject is indicated in objective and neutral terms, without personal opinions. The topic is specified in the theme track.

Writing operations

In order to write a good short essay, the student must first read the reference texts, interpret them and compare them. This means identifying the key concepts and choosing the thesis to support. Sometimes, the trace itself indicates which thesis to support. We must then assign a title to the discussion. In the theme the writer must write an expository-argumentative text, exhaustive and coherent in its parts.

The length

The short essay and the theme must have a different length. The short essay should not be too long. In fact, about two pages are enough to support the thesis around which the whole essay writing will rotate, which is precisely called a short essay. A theme can be longer than two pages. It should not exceed three or four pages otherwise it becomes boring to read. However, the theme should not be too short. In this last case it would become a thought, a paragraph, and not a real theme.

The material

To write the short essay it is necessary to have some reference texts. Writing a short essay in fact means referring to newspaper articles, famous or little-known works, newsletters, books and so on. In these texts the facts are sought in support of the short essay thesis and are reported in the essay, citing the sources. In the theme, however, this does not happen. You can indeed use other texts as a support. In the theme, these texts are not mentioned, because one is much freer in writing.

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