How to Develop an Argumentative Essay

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires the student to use their opinions and experiences to provide a summation and synthesis of all arguments that they are currently aware of regarding a topic. The primary purpose of such an article is to give an expository or persuasion review regarding a given topic through the use of facts.

Typically, it is typically utilized when writing an argumentative essay during the 3rd, 4th, and 8th grades. It is essentially used to give a writer an alternative in their essay writing process as compared to explaining everything, instead opting to provide a helpful interpretation. However, the author is still required to create it as they have an argument as opposed to a position.

The Elements to Consider

Although there is no specific format or structure that would have to be followed by an argumentative essay, the essential elements that most teachers and other school administrators have historically given students are;

  • An introduction – this is essentially the opening bit of your essay that allows you to provide a peek of your essay. It is a strong and arguably the first section that most students read, and it should be executed excellently.
  • The body of your article – This is essentially the second major section of your essay. Essentially, it contains your main points and multiple supporting paragraphs that act as a review of the main points in your essay.
  • The conclusion – this is essentially the last bit of your essay. Essentially, it is what sums up your argumentation and leaves you with a firm understanding of the topic for your essay. It should logically conclude your article and make sure to recommend the writing.

In summary, most schools require students to follow these basic aspects, but this is merely to show that you need to do proper research and achieve excellent outcomes.


It is relatively quite common for students to overuse this as one of the most common mistakes that they will make when writing their argumentative essays. Not only is this often done at the cost of making a compelling paper, but it also does little to bring out new ideas and research effort in the essay itself.

When a student reads their homework through to the end, most will tend to have significantly new information to be concerned about concerning the topic at hand. Remember, an argumentative essay is mostly about summation, not persuasion. Therefore, always ensure that you adhere to proper research when conducting this kind of work.

The Meaning of Proof

As mentioned above, the essay is mainly about summarizing some of your stances on a given topic. Therefore, it would be best to endeavor to put all your thoughts and ideas together in a way that will form a strong solution and stand-out argument. To achieve this, you are ultimately required to research and gather all the necessary information pertaining to the topic. Furthermore, you are to refer back to the points you made while using methods of persuasion. Additionally, you are required to ensure that you make a cohesive argument and refer back to the claim’s central point.


It goes without saying that most students will not give you the credit you deserve for your conclusion and conclusion. As such, it is best to avoid copying pieces of text you have read or writing them from scratch, making them prone to plagiarism. Ultimately, your essay’s structure will determine your unique work.

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