Personal Statement Summary

Simple Guideline on How to Write a Personal Statement Summary

There are particular tips that every individual should follow when writing a personal statement. This includes the structure of your article, how you write, and what to include. Understand that even before you start working on this type of paper, you should begin with a draft or as a mandatory step. Your first personal statement shouldn’t necessarily look like any other personal statement in the world. Here is what you should look for in your summary paragraph:

A Perfect Introduction

Start by outlining your goals and objectives succinctly. Each objective should be written in paragraph format. Ensure to be consistent in your language as you would have your ideal objectives written in bold type. Remember to discuss why this statement is significant in your life.

Purpose of the Statement

It is important to start by relating your goals to the description. When you describe why you’re writing the personal statement, include some qualities that make you uniquely qualified for the job. You can also use past experiences to support your stance and give a recommendation that you can relay in your paper. This will also help you create a person who is personally appealing to the reader.

Work-Life Balance

The second and final step is to highlight your work-life balance. Keep your statement minimal and straightforward. This means that the reason for writing this part of the article should be within the previous paragraph. It is important to write down or record your recent activities, especially outside of work. You should ensure that your statement is essential in forming your decision on whether you want to pursue the job or not. This will give you a great opportunity to explore this aspect of the essay.

Target Audience

Lastly, you need to introduce the intended audience to whom you are writing the statement. By this, we mean that you need to explain why you want to join the firm and then explain why you believe it is important.


Your summary paragraph should enable you to make a strong case against joining the firm. This is because the paper will be used to briefly define their job description. The section should also allow you to have a good work history with the firm since this section will explain any modifications or deviations made to your work.


The last thing you need to do is create a conclusion that covers your stance on joining the firm. Here, you could either conclude your statement by highlighting your experience since this part of the article will be relevant later. On the contrary, you could also start by reaffirming your ability to join the firm. By this, you will also convince the committee why you should be given the opportunity to join.

With the above in mind, you will be more inclined to craft an effective conclusion.

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