The Best Argumentative Essay

Guide to Writing a Quality Argumentative Essay

What are the steps to composing a quality argumentative essay? Are there specific features of such pieces that make them stand out? What elements make up a fascinating piece? We get the rundown from experts in this informative post.

Elements of a Great Argumentative Essay

Commonly, argumentative essays are characterized by:

  • Open-ended format
  • Thesis statement
  • Focus
  • Argument from evidence and strong evidence
  • Secondary claims

A Sudden Introduction

The introduction of an argumentative essay is a crucial part that enhances the depth of the paper. If you have written an attention-grabbing introduction in the past, you know what to expect from this section. It is a brief snippet of the arguments that support the thesis of the paper. It should be interesting to the reader to keep the attention of the reader.


The thesis statement in an argumentative essay is the main focus of the paper. It has to be straightforward and clear, and it should draw a clear correlation of the main ideas from the introduction into the body paragraphs. Your thesis should follow logically.

Clear Arguments

When writing an argumentative essay, it is crucial to use clear evidence to support your claims. A fact should be supported with details and tangible examples that further support your claims. It is not a place for pop psychology tricks.

Strengths and Weakness

There should be clear strengths and weaknesses in your piece. Strong ideas should be backed with powerful evidence and examples. Weak points should be in your favor. Sum up each weak point to highlight the absence of weaknesses. Finally, highlight your strengths and show why the written piece is different from the rest.

Evidence and Proof

A strong argumentative piece needs reliable evidence to back up its claims. However, most students lack the necessary skills and experience to cite proper literature to support their claims. You need to provide this information to the reader. It is up to you to ensure that you provide only credible sources for your essay.

Strong Conclusion

It is a final thought that explains the arguments and ideas in your argumentative essay to leave a lasting impression on the reader. The conclusion should build on the strengths present in the body paragraphs and summarize the thesis statement.


Most essays are centered around a problem that needs to be solved. Your paper should provide a comprehensive understanding of what to do about the topic. It should also give practical solutions for the issue being addressed.


The conclusion is the last part of your argumentative essay. It should summarize the central ideas from the body paragraphs and highlight any other viable solutions to the problem. It should also end with a call to action to help you solve the topic.

If you are having challenges creating an argumentative essay, look to experts for help. After all, everyone needs quality work.

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